O'Neill Design can help with most engineering aspects involved in taking a product to market, including some or all the following:

Rendering and Animation
Industrial Design
Detail Engineering
Production Prototyping
Production Enginering

Concept sketches assist designers in developing an idea and defining the parameters of the project, including quick sketches (napkin style) and scale layouts. Concept sketches leave a great deal open to the imagination. Fine details are excluded at this level to avoid confusing the major issues. This is the one of last holdouts for the hand-drawn sketch in engineering. Many techniques can be used to create these sketches. Concept sketches can be created by hand or by using computers. They may or may not be done to scale. A concept sketch is normally used as a discussion tool or a plan. It contains just enough detail to get the idea across. You don’t want to invest a lot of time in a single concept sketch. It is good to consider many different concepts to find the best way to address multiple issues without causing other problems.

Concept Image
Design Process

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